Terms of use of the Site's services

The client undertakes to obtain in advance from the user to whom the message is to be sent consent in any form, such as oral, written,Email.etc

The customer is obligated not to send any message that falls under the following items :

Communication with WhatsApp Inc. and guarantees

- The Service and the ultramsg.com Site are not supported or approved in any way by WhatsApp Inc . The Customer understands all risks associated with the use of the Service/Site/Api.

- The developer is not responsible for the Customer's inability to get access to the service, to Api, to accounts, etc. for reasons related to the disruption of the Internet channel, equipment or software of the Customer.

- The customer agrees that his account may be blocked and/or banned by WhatsApp and/or WhatsApp Inc.

- The developer is not responsible for the Customer's inability to access the service, to Api due to software changes by WhatsApp Inc.

Website usage

You are permitted to print and download extracts from the Website for Your own use on the following basis :

REFUNDS / cancel the subscription

You can open a trial account for free days, Therefore paid Subscription fees are non-refundable.

You can cancel the subscription anytime, and the instance will remain active until the end of the subscription term, Cancellation of the subscription must be before the start date of the next bill.